miercuri, 9 septembrie 2009

Frosty the Snowman

The newest card I've created is this one, for week #15 at Winter Wonderland. I had a separate image of this snowman, and I tried to imagine something about why it was so sad, and this is what I came up with: a little bit of grass piercing the snow blanket... It also sends a message that we should enjoy Winter and all the other wonderful moments of life, because you never know when they're going to end! I hope you have many beautiful moments in your life to enjoy to the full!

3 comentarii:

Teri spunea...

Awwww poor mr snowman! He does look sad! Love your card tho. Like how you've added the snow effect and love the snowflakes.

Thank you for joining us at Winter Wonderland!

Teri P xx

Teri spunea...

Hi, lovely card. He does look sad doesn't he? Poor thing.
Thanks for playing at WW this week.
Teri x

eviledna spunea...

My childhood snowman melted
And ran away somewhere;
Some offered words of comfort,
But me, I said a prayer.
that God would treat him kindly
In the land where snowmen go
When their life's work is finished
With children here below.
I'd loved him, oh, so dearly
For just a little while,
His heart was understanding,
I knew that by his smile.
His charcoal eyes were brilliant
As if he understood,
How much I needed friendship,
He'd stay if he just could.
The sunshine made him sparkle,
Then melted him away,
I thought I heard him whisper,
"Don't cry, we'll meet someday".
For many years I waited,
And now at last I see,
That God has made him perfect
In my childhood memory.
~~By June Masters Bacher.~~
As soon as I saw your card I thought of this poem, I think it its it perfectly. It's a beautiful card, with a wonderful sentiment. Take care & keep smiling