sâmbătă, 29 august 2009

By Candlelight

This is a card i made for a Winter Winderland contest, called "By Candlelight". I was pretty busy handling housework and the two children, but I hope I made it in time. After all, it's still Saturday over here... :) I really wanted to be part of this contest, and I worked a lot for it, so I really hope you like it... I worked everything by hand, except for the little shining star and corners. Anyway, it feels pretty well seeing something coming out of one's hand in the end... :)

3 comentarii:

Teri spunea...

Simona, this is such a sweet card. The image is adorable and you have coloured her beautifully.

Thank you for joining us at Winter Wonderland.

Teri xx

Teri spunea...

I agree, great card - well done!
Thanks for joining us.
Teri x

Simona spunea...

Thank you so much, Teri! You can't imagine how you've made my day! :) I'll keep on trying and improving my work! Thanks again!